Nancy Pelosi steps down as House Democratic leader

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Perhaps out of necessity, or due to the recent attack on her husband, or out of guilt for what the Democratic party has become — Nancy Pelosi announced on Nov. 17 she would be stepping down as Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

The House, Senate, and Presidency were under one-party rule for two years following the election of President Joe Biden. This streamlined partisan arrangement left the GOP with little power to stop Biden’s numerous overpowered political plays leading up to Midterms.

While inflation reached levels not seen since the fuel crisis of the 1980’s, Biden and the Dems. in Congress succeeded in pushing out stimulus check after stimulus check to ameliorate what will likely become a long-term issue in American economics.

As Pelosi, Biden and California Gov. Gavin Newsom spat rhetoric convincing the average American that the pain would pass, liberal legislators in Washington D.C. made choices that depleted government funds in favor of winning over voters for Midterms. Within a month of the Nov. 8 Election Day, Biden announced he would be absolving millions of Americans of up to $20,000 in student loan debt.

Democrats in Congress and the nearly socialist Executive Branch succeeded in winning the hearts of enough young voters to prevent a red wave from sweeping the coasts. However, the GOP gained enough seats in the House to take a majority. Nancy Pelosi would have remained leader of the House’s Democratic minority. Instead, she has chosen to remain in Congress solely as San Francisco’s representative.

Representing California’s 48th Congressional District, Darrell Issa (R), had this to say about the potential shift Pelosi’s loss of power will have within Congress:

“Nancy Pelosi was a formidable and consequential Speaker of the House — but her reign was not often one of consensus-building, she leaves the institution in difficult shape, and it is in need of a return to its best traditions.

The voters removed Pelosi’s grip from the Speakers gavel and gave it to a GOP majority that now must lead in a new and, I expect, better way.

The House must be a deliberative body in which Members freely express their ideas, offer their alternatives, have them heard, and, ultimately, voted on. This must follow the end of the Pelosi speakership,” Rep. Issa said.

She was the first woman to hold the position of Speaker of the House in American history. She was known for helping to accomplishing a great many of the DNC’s goals, including Obama’s Affordable Care Act and Biden’s Recent Inflation Reduction Act.

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