Nathan Fletcher announces foundation to help veterans

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Nathan Fletcher has evolved after his time in politics, and having lost twice a bid to become Mayor of San Diego, his new foundation is an attempt to highlight the problems returning veterans face, and to connect them with services they need.

Fletcher says, “There’s a lot of ways to serve, and make a difference, and do good. I always viewed by service in the Marine Corps as consistent with my service in elected office, where you’re trying to do good and make a difference in peoples lives, and this I think is the same.”

Fletcher’s foundation will hold an event on the deck of the USS Midway next month, followed by a major event on Veteran’s Day weekend in November.

Fletcher says between 22 and 50 returning veterans commit suicide every day, and we have to do something about that.

“When you look at the number of kids whose parents commit suicide, which is preventable, when they come back, struck me. If I do nothing else, if only one veteran gets connected to services, if there is only one mom who doesn’t lose another child, then its all worth it,” he says.

Growing up Fletcher was close to his cousins the Wise family, where three of the boys followed him to the military.

“I went, and then Ben joined the Army. He became a green beret. Jeremy joined the Navy and became a navy seal, my little brother flys fighters today in the Navy, and Beau is on active duty in the marines,” he says.

Two of the three Wise men, Jeremy and Ben were killed in Afghanistan. Brother Beau is on active duty in the Marines.

Fletcher says, “The Three Wise Men Foundation is honoring the sacrifices that Jeremy and Ben made, and really focusing on Beau, the returning veterans to let them know you survived combat now we need youto survive the peace.”

Fletcher spent ten years in the Marines, including combat. He then became a businessman, then a politician, and then an educator. Fletcher has now found a new way to serve by helping returning veterans find the services they need.

He says he has no regrets about leaving politics.

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