National City hosts a community clean-up to welcome in the new year

NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – On Good Morning San Diego, KUSI’s Allie Wagner talked with the National City Mayor, Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, about their community clean up happening Saturday, Jan. 8 from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

Mayor Sotelo-Solis 4th annual National City (community-wide) “New Year” clean-up with dumpsters available for residents to drop items/trash off.

Partnering with EDCO trash company, they look to enter 2022 with a positive, hopeful and healthy outlook; while many are doing deep cleaning at home, back yards and within their own neighborhoods.

EDCO dumpsters located at 5 spots throughout City. See list below:

1) Westside: Hoover Ave & 18th Street (North Paradise Creek cul-de-sac)

2) Midtown North: 6th street & F Ave (Northside of First Baptist Church)

3) Midtown South: Palm Avenue & E 20th Street (In front of butterfly park)

4) Northeast: South U Ave & E 2nd Street (El Toyon Park street)

5) Southeast: Granger Ave & 20th street (In front of granger junior high)

More information or to volunteer call: (619) 336-4284

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