National City Mile of Cars South Bay Game of the Week: San Ysidro Cougars 28, Mountain Empire 21

The Week 2 South Bay Game of the Week features the Mountain Empire Red Hawks traveling all the way from Pine Valley to San Ysidro to take on the Cougars. Both teams entire tonight’s contest with records of 1-0.
       End of the first quarter Red Hawk quarterback Gabriel Hydorn throws a short pass to Dallas Prince who dives into the end zone for the score.
     In the second quarter Hydorn throws a fifty-yard touchdown pass to Wyatt Mann to make it 14-0 Red Hawks.
     Right before the half ends Hydorn hooks up with big Sawyer Ernsbarger to give the Red Hawks a 21-0 lead.
      In the third quarter San Ysidro’s Alejandro Bonneau makes a nice 38-yard breakaway run that’s two yards short of the end zone. He runs it in several plays later to put the Cougars on the board.
    In the fourth quarter Cougar quarterback Junior Bueno runs it in to make it 21-14 Cougars. Minutes later Bueno throws a touchdown pass to Jazz Gill to tie it at 21.
     Then with just over one minute left in the game Bueno hooks up with Bonneau to give the Cougars the victory….a great come from behind win!
      And then there’s this: The Cougars win without their head coach during the entire second half. After the first half Head Coach Bobby Hatchett became ill and had to be taken to the Emergency Room. The Cougars’ victory indeed a sign of a well-coached game!


 The Week 2 South Bay Game of the Week features Pine Valley -based Mountain Empire traveling all the way to San Ysidro.
     The San Ysidro Cougars are 1-0 after winning their first league title last year…their best record since the school opened its doors in 2003.
       Mountain Empire meantime, has 16 returning starters who are looking for their first league title since 2012.
     The Cougars are lead by Head Coach Bob Hatchett who is in his third year. He has amassed a quartet of huge linemen who include the following:
Chris Lira…6’3" 280 pounds
Josue Gonzalez…6’3" 290 pounds
Jordan Hallmon…6’2" 265 pounds
Greg Molina…6′ 250 pounds.
     Mountain Empire is coached by Bernard Vann who is in his third year. Quarterback Gabriel Hydorn is a real athletic threat. On offense he throws and runs quite well. He also caught 24 passes last year. Additionally he is a force to be reckoned on defense as last year he had 13 tackles that went for losses.
     Just want to let you know the PPR is starting its 19th season. Paul Rudy has built it up over the years into what many say is the best high school football show in America. But the fact is if you did not watch this would not be possible which is why the PPR Red Jackets say ‘Thank you!’

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