National City Police officers awarded for rescuing drowning victims

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Port of San Diego Harbor Police Officers Michael Sabbagh and Janel Seney, along with National City Police Department Corporal Javier Cornejo, were awarded the San Diego Harbor Police Lifesaving Medal for their outstanding performance and lifesaving efforts in their response and rescue of Mr. Jeffrey Jarvis.

Lieutenant Jeff Geary of the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department said each of these officers demonstrated excellent initiative and courage in responding to the man-overboard incident that occurred in the waters off the National City Marine Terminal.

Police responded on October 12, 2020, to reports of a man who had an accident on a Jet Ski and was drowning.The bay’s currents were carrying the man under the docks of the Terminal. He was in the water for approximately 15 minutes when a Officer Cornejo arrived and immediately jumped into the water.

Port District employees had thrown a rope to the man, but he was losing his grip and panicking.

As the man started to go under the surface of the water, the officer took off his life preserver and put it on the victim and held him above the water. Because of the conditions, both men were being pulled under the water.

A San Diego Harbor Police patrol boat arrived and they put the man and the officer onto the boat. Mr. Jarvis told the officers who rescued him he’s alive today because they didn’t give up, even when he was about to.

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