National Right to Work Committee President believes law enforcement unions have too much power

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The National Right to Work Committee opposes all monopoly bargaining powers for government union bosses, whether police unions, teacher unions or any other type. FDR was right when he described the union bargaining process as incompatible with public service.

The National Right to Work Committee tells KUSI, “Union bargaining in the government sector is inherently anti-democratic because it forces elected officials to “negotiate” over public policy with a special interest group whose aims are frequently in direct opposition to the public’s interests. It also shields government workers, including police officers and teachers among others who betray the public’s trust from facing accountability. Further, government union bargaining forces good civil servants to associate with union officials who so often trade away the interests of hardworking, responsible public workers just to protect the worst among their ranks.

It is frankly shocking that even as so much of the public’s attention is squarely on police misconduct and the role police union bosses play in perpetuating that misconduct, there remains significant support in Congress for legislation (H.R. 1154/S.1394 ) that would impose union monopoly bargaining powers on all public safety officers nationwide by federal fiat, even in places where local and state government officials come to the correct conclusion that such government-granted bargaining powers are, as FDR recognized, contrary to the public’s interest. We call on the many cosponsors of the Police and Fire Monopoly Bargaining Act to repudiate their support for this expansion of union boss power over public safety workers.”

National Right to Work Committee President, Mark Mix, explains why they believe law enforcement unions have too much power on Good Morning San Diego.


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