National Self-Defense Awareness Month with Caliber 3 USA

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – January is National Self-Defense Awareness Month and with the rise of domestic and foreign terrorism, an elite training academy from Israel brings international security and combat training programs to the San Diego community at their new dynamic facility in San Marcos.

Caliber 3 USA teaches individuals of all levels and ages how to protect themselves and loved ones through Krav Maga Self Defense, Combat Fitness, Weapons Safety and Training, and Home Invasion Scenario programs.

“All our training is according to the Israel Defense Forces,” said Col. Gat. “Therefore, our training is different from Crossfit or any other extreme training.”

With active shooter and terrorism incidents in the news and on the minds of many Americans, Col. Gat does not shy away from discussing the advantages of a fitness program which can also help arm citizens in techniques they can use to protect themselves and help turn back threats in their community, such as the individuals who disarmed shooters in London, England, and at a synagogue in nearby Poway, California.

“Our training will help people against an active shooter scenario,” said Col. Gat. “At Caliber 3 USA, you will learn how to protect yourself with or without a weapon. You will not only learn the techniques for each scenario; you will also learn the importance of the combat mindset and aggression that we teach here.”

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