Navy plans to eject Chief Eddie Gallagher, who was cleared by Trump, from SEALS

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher has been ordered to appear before Navy leaders Wednesday morning, and is expected to be notified that the Navy intends to eject him from the force, two Navy officials told The New York Times Tuesday.

The NYT reported that the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the impending action.

The action would come less than a week after President Trump intervened in the case against Gallagher by restoring him to the rank of chief petty officer, despite his conviction of posing for a photograph with a dead ISIS prisoner.

The top Navy SEAL, Rear Admiral Collin Green, is expected to notify Gallagher and three officers that their case is being sent to a review board which could end in their expulsion from the SEALs.

The other officers are Lieutenant Commander Robert Breisch, who was the troop commander; Lieutenant Jacob Portier, who was the platoon officer in charge and reported to Breisch; and Lieutenant Thomas MacNeil, who was the platoon assistant officer in charge.

Gallagher’s attorney Timothy Parlatore responded: “Does Admiral Green have the authority to do it? Yes. But how tone-deaf is this guy? The commander in chief’s intent is crystal clear, that he wants Eddie left alone.”

Gallagher was found not guilty in the 2017 killing of a wounded Islamic State prisoner in Iraq. He was cleared of all charges except for one — for posing for photos with the captive’s dead body.

Read the official IG Complaint from Gallagher’s Attorney Tim Parlatore here: Gallagher IG-Complaint

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