Navy SEAL killed by ISIS was part of Quick Reaction Team

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) — Wednesday — Thirty-one year old Charles Keating IV lived in the San Diego area and was a decorated war veteran and was compelled to enlist in the Navy after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Keating was killed Tuesday near Mosul.

The Defense Department said over 100 ISIS forces surrounded the U.S. military advisers, two miles behind the front lines. 

Keating was killed in a two-hour gunfight helping to protect civilians caught in the battle.

Keating’s death is the third American combat loss in Iraq since the U.S. re-deployed forces to the region in the summer of 2014.

The Navy SEAL grew up in Arizona and graduated from a high school in Phoenix in 2004 and then he attended Indiana University.

He enlisted in the Navy in 2007 and became a SEAL a year later.

Keating’s medals include the Bronze Star, as well as three Navy achievement medals, and two combat action ribbons after being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Secretary of Defense reminded Americans that even though U.S. troops are there to assist, danger is everywhere.

"This fight is far from over and there are great risks," said Secretary Ash Carter. "We were reminded of this yesterday when an American service member, ID’d officer first class Charles Keating, a Navy SEAL, was killed while providing advisory assistance for the Peshmerga forces North of Mosul who were directly in the fight. These risks will continue. And we greatly regret this loss."

Tuesday — An American service member was killed in Iraq Tuesday morning. A source confirmed to KUSI that the Navy SEAL was based in Coronado. 

The Navy SEAL — Charlie Keating IV — was an adviser to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are fighting ISIS, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Tuesday in a statement.

The SEAL was killed by “direct fire” after Islamic State forces broke through the front lines of Kurdish troops, according to the Pentagon. Keating was a member of the U.S. Military’s advise and assist team and was more than a mile behind front lines. The attack occurred thirty kilometers north of Mosul, Pentagon officials said. 

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the death occurred during combat. Carter was attending a Change of Command ceremony in Germany at the time.

The death is the third of U.S. personnel on the ground in combat against Islamic State forces. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin, of Temecula, died in March, and Delta Force Master Sgt. Josh Wheeler was killed in an October mission that freed around 70 hostages.

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