NBA star Kyrie Irving: I’ve been discriminated against but I stand for freedom

NEW YORK (KUSI) – Until recently, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving has been unable to play in any of the team’s home games, because he is not vaccinated.

The discrimination against Irving was a result of New York City’s indoor vaccination mandate, even though unvaccinated player’s on visiting team’s could still play in games at the Barclays Center.

Irving was able to play in the team’s away games, and he even attended a home game as a fan.

None of it made any sense, but about a week ago, NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced he is lifting the vaccine mandate for unvaccinated athletes and performers. Adams’ move comes as the NBA playoffs and start of the MLB season are quickly approaching.

“This is about putting New York athletes on a level playing field,” Adam said during a news conference at Citi Field. “We were treating our performers differently because they live and play in New York City.”

Irving spoke to reporters about finally being able to play with his team in home games, explaining that he is “standing up for freedom.”

Irving added that he believes the harsh criticism against him put his family’s name in an unfair position.


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