NCTD conducts active shooter drill

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It is a sign of the times, preparing for a mass shooting, not just in a school, but anywhere crowds gather, including a moving train.

That was the scenario in Oceanside, Wednesday, during a special training drill by the North County Transit District.

During Wednesday’s drill, heavily armed Sheriff’s Deputies cautiously boarded a Coaster after a man goes on a shooting spree.

During the drill, the man ended up shooting four train passengers, one fatally. Deputies determined the suspect took his own life, and is no longer a threat.

They begin evacuating the wounded passengers who are dazed, disoriented and demanding.

Trying to end an active shooter situation on a train is no easy task because of formidable challenges faced by police.

Active shooter training drills are no longer confined to school scenarios. Previously, in San Marcos, a scenario depicted a school bus shooting.

The San Marcos drill is based in part on a real life event in which the suspect murdered the bus driver, and kidnapped a young child.

Now, authorities want to make sure nothing like that happens on a train.

The North County Transit District will soon implement technology where trains can be stopped by remote-control in the case of emergencies.

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