Never Another “10” Again

Veteran filmmaker Blake Edwards died Wednesday night.  When I think of Edwards I think of “The Pink Panther”, but his most famous movie is probably just a number.  Edwards decided to tell the ultimate “grass is greener” story and drew a line in the sand that most women could never cross.  His production of “10” starring Bo Derek is still one of the funniest and sexiest movies ever screened.

 Edwards wrote, produced or directed 38 films in his lifetime, but there was one movie he never got to make.  The movers and shakers in Hollywood knew about his dream, but most of the public did not.  In 2001, Edwards announced that he had written the “10” sequel.  He called it “10 again” and even began casting it.  But, the deal with the producer fell apart and for the past decade years, Edwards kept trying to put the deal back together.

 Beyond the Hollywood history it would have created, “10 again” may have done for another young actress what the original movie did for the voluptuous Bo Derek.  The movie launched her career, set an unbelievable standard for beauty and promoted a hairdo that young stylists worldwide began imitating.  It also launched the career of Dudley Moore, who also inspired men who were constantly having sand kicked in their face.

 Blake Edwards began his career as an actor, so it is fitting that he helped so many others find a place on the screen using his words and his direction to tell stories.

 One last note, Edwards suffered his entire life with a disease called “chronic fatigue syndrome”.  It was even the topic of one of his documentaries.  The irony is he never grew tired of making movies and he never gave up his dream of a sequel to “10”.  His desire didn't run out, only time did.

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