New at Petco Park in 2016

From the moment fans stepped into Petco Park in 2016 they noticed something was different. The Padres 6 retired numbers that had previously been above the batters eye have been relocated into the entrance area also known as Home Plate Plaza. Many fans taking pictures with their favorite numbers like 19, Tony Gwynn’s and 51, Trevor Hoffman’s.

But that isn’t the only change. They have also made improvements to the seats and netting behind home plate. Immediately fans could tell the netting was thinner and easier to see through. Speaking of seats the former "beach" out in right field is now a deck party space called the Craft Pier and Sun Diego Beach. 

The new eats around the park include Board & Brew located where Hodad’s used to be. The Del Mar restaurant serving sandwiches made from scratch to entice those looking for a healthier ballpark option.  

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