New clues in Fort Hood shooting found online

We're learning more about the soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood last week, killing three people and wounding 16 before taking his own life. Investigators still don't know what drove him to do it. But investigators say the shooter left some clues online. 
Specialist Ivan Lopez took to Facebook to vent about a range of subjects. In early March, around the time he purchased the .45 caliber handgun he eventually used in the attack, he posted “my spiritual peace is just gone” and wrote that he was “full of hate” after allegedly being robbed. Perhaps the most chilling is what the Iraq War veteran posted about Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old gunman of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre: 
“It is stupid to me”, he wrote, “that anyone can have easy access to a powerful weapon without being mentally evaluated.”

“Most of these mass shootings, you have individuals who are very multidimensional,” said forensic behavioral consultant Mary Ellen O'Toole. “They have mental health issues, but they're not debilitated by them. They can actually function.”

Fort Hood officials say Lopez was being treated for mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and possibly PTSD. Doctors prescribed the 34-year-old Ambien and antidepressants. 
“He was seen just last month by a psychiatrist,” stated Army Secretary John McHugh. “We had no indication on the record of that examination that there was any sign of likely violence.”
The most significant clue may be what transpired moments before Lopez opened fire. That afternoon, he stopped by the post's Human Resources office to request a temporary leave form. Jonathan Westbrook was a soldier manning the office. His father says that Lopez was told he'd have to come back later. Lopez snapped – coming back and opening fire, shooting Westbrook four times. 
“The first guy he shot right in front of my son was killed and then he turned the gun towards Jonathan, aimed it and fired.”
Members of the Fort Hood community turned out yesterday for a prayer service, honoring the victims. Both the president and First Lady will attend another memorial there on Wednesday.
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