New council member appointed for District 2 chair

Going into Monday's session, the expectation was a democrat would be seated to give the democrats a veto-proof majority to advance their progressive agenda. They got it. There were 20 candidates, four of them women, wanting this seat; on Friday, three male candidates dropped out of the running. The candidates had three minutes to state their case to the council and nearly all of them supported the progressive agenda. The first candidate to receive five votes would get the appointment. 
It took two rounds of voting to select the candidate, and the council went with Labor's candidate Ed Harris, President of the Lifeguards' Union. Ed Harris was sworn in immediately. He will be in the District 2 seat tomorrow. 

“Residents of District 2 deserve a board member who is supportive of our way of life and an advocate for the unique needs of this coastal neighborhood,” said Harris after appointment. “Whether it's public safety, environmental protection or protecting the neighborhood's character, our Second District representative should be an advocate for values in our quality of life. I've lived in protected neighborhoods and beaches of the district for nearly a quarter century. After serving my country as a United States marine, I became a city lifeguard. I am currently a lifeguard sergeant and a dive team supervisor, who answers high profile calls when lives are at risk. I know the importance of public safety. I also know the impact of tourism on our economy, as well as the military as a marine. In addition to my regular duties, I've been a spokesperson for many years for the lifeguards.”

Former state legislator Howard Wayne, who now works in the Attorney General's office, was supported by many of the public speakers, as was Lifeguard Union President Ed Harris. Although the democrats now have a bullet-proof majority, they do have to be careful about overreaching – after all, the voters selected Republican Kevin Faulconer's agenda. This vacancy is being filled by appointment, and the City Charter says that person cannot be eligible to run for the seat in November.
Upon asking, Faulconer stated who he favored to fill his seat: “whoever wins.”
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