New device in Under Armour measures work out will power

The last time I worked out with NFL trainer Todd Durkin, there were questions of just how hard was I working. Now, we have the answer with the Under Armour 39.

“Hold up, hold up a second. Willis wasn’t counting,” declared Durkin during a group work-out session.

“It’s a scientific algorithm that the Under Armour back at the research lab put all these factors – you know, you’re age, height, weight, sex, the intensity of your exercises, the duration of your exercises, the body’s position – all these things go into a factor and it chooses to see how long it could last for. And that becomes your will power.”

This technology was developed in part at the NFL scouting combine.

“A lot of the NFL combine athletes have used it and that was to give them numbers. Not only heart rate and respiration rate and force, but acceleration. Many fitness enthusiasts would like the same type of information and objective feedback in a work out on a daily basis.”

While most heart rate monitors are specific to endurance sports, this one is for the person who vary their work outs.

“You’re working out, and yoga is just as much of a work out and exercise as what you’re doing in here in circuit training,” said Under Armour marketing manager Sara Hester. “And it captures your body position in an excel kilometer in the device and it knows how hard you’re working in your different positions, and it’s just as fit for yoga as it is for boot camp.”

After my 75 minute work out, Todd Durkin examines my will power.

“It shows me your average heart rate was 152 beats – that’s a really good average for your hour and 17 minute total work out. Your peak was 197, so that means that at one point in your work out, it was 197; that’s crazy high. It’s good. If you come back in a month from now, and we did the exact same work out, I could see if you’re in better shape or not as well.”

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