New family pet faces health concerns after Craigslist buy

It all started with a wagging tail, some slobbery kisses and a big personality.

There was something special about this new addition, Gretta, a black and tan miniature Dachshund.

But for Jon Morgan and Bobbi Von Fange, something wasn’t right after they bought her.

Three weeks go by. She is lethargic, hardly gaining any weight, her eyes closed shut. Not the signs of a healthy puppy.

They vet told them what the didn’t want to hear, that this sounds a lot like distemper.

It all started with a Craiglist ad where a man was selling two Dachshunds for half the regular price, 450 bucks.

Despite numerous red flags from the seller, they couldn’t help but fall in love with Gretta.

Gretta’s vet told them that this is the fourth case they have had this year.

Folks over at Helen Woodward Animal Center say that it is important to do your homework. Bobbi and Jon learned that the hard way. And for now, they are doing everything they can do give Gretta a happy and healthy life.

Gretta’s owner says that unfortunately this is not an isolated case.

Another family who bought a puppy from that Craigslist ad brought him home only to see him pass away a few days later.

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