New laws coming in 2018

As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, many new laws will be going into effect for Californians starting January 1. Assemblymember Todd Gloria joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss several of the new laws going into effect at the new year.


SB 65 (related to marijuana)
o With voters approving Proposition 64, recreational marijuana sales will be legal in California; however, starting January 1 it will be illegal to consume or smoke marijuana while operating a motor vehicle. This was a loophole in Prop. 64.

• AB 1127 (related to diaper changing stations)
o Starting January 1, government buildings and newly constructed facilities open to the public (restaurants, movie theaters, etc.) will need to include at least one diaper changing station in both the male and female restrooms.

• AB 424 (related to guns on school campuses)
o Under current law, school districts (specifically school superintendents) can issue written permission for individuals to carry a concealed weapon within a school zone. Starting January 1, that authority will no longer exist.
o Assemblymember Gloria co-authored this bill.

• Minimum wage increase
o On January 1, workers who earn minimum wage will receive an increase as the State’s minimum wage (for most businesses) will increase to $11.00 per hour.

• AB 607 (related to disaster assistance)
o With the recent wildfires, AB 607 is a welcome addition to the State’s books as it ensures low-income families who are affected by disasters or declared states of emergencies can receive government benefits even if they are displaced from their home. This bill goes into effect on January 1.
o Assemblymember Gloria authored this bill.

• AB 390 (related to pedestrian crossing signals)
o Pedestrians will no longer be able to be cited if they enter a crosswalk with the countdown timer going so long as they make it across safely when time has expired. Currently, pedestrians can be cited for entering the crosswalk with the countdown timer illuminated.

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