New model for education reform emphasizes ‘personal learning’

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) — It’s a conference about learning. This week, school superintendents around the nation are meeting in Oceanside to talk about bringing new ideas to our schools.

At the Vida Middle School in Vista, eighth graders like Lily Vivian aren’t afraid to come up with new ideas.

Instead of being told by a teacher what to learn, the students take a more active role in choosing how they will learn and finding their own pace.

In education circles, that concept is called "personal learning," and this week, school superintendents attending the summit will tour Vida and two other schools in the Vista Unified School District, talking to students and teachers about this very different approach.

In addition to core subjects such as math, English and history, students are putting their problem solving skills to work in something called a "design class."

As part of the process called, "design thinking" students are encouraged to have faith in their own ideas.

And even if those early efforts fall flat, some students say that’s a learning experience too.

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