New petition filed to stop destruction of Mt. Soledad cross

This week, the Liberty Institute, a conservative Christian advocacy and legal defense organization, filed a petition with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the destruction of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a request by the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association, on whose behalf the petition was filed, to grant an early review of the case. The Supreme Court ordered the case to first be heard by the Ninth Circuit.

“We will continue to fight for this veterans memorial and the selfless sacrifice and service of all the millions of veterans it represents,” says Liberty Institute President and CEO Kelly Shackelford. “If this cross comes down, then the memorial crosses at Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere will be open targets for destruction or removal. Worse, it will be used as a precedent to drive our religious freedom and heritage into the shadows of our society.”

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