New poll shows stadium support at 25 percent

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The Chargers will need a big dose of optimism and a lot more support if the team hopes to get its new stadium built in downtown San Diego.

A new opinion polls shows that just a quarter of San Diego adults back the idea of building a joint-use stadium and convention center in the East Village.

The online poll conducted by YouGov, indicates that a quarter, 25 percent, would support the plan. More than half, 52 percent, are against the measure, with 23 percent saying they have no preference.

If you put much stock in these numbers, then this is a big blow to the hopes of the Chargers who are gambling on a ballot box victory in November.

The Chargers needs two-thirds of the voters to say, "yes."

The team has insisted that a hike in the hotel tax, paid by out of town visitors, would pay for much of the cost of the new stadium.

Given these poll results, that two-thirds threshold seems like a Mount Everest-like climb.

If the Chargers can muster a simple majority, that is 50 percent plus 1, they might use that as leverage to get the city to agree to keep looking for another stadium solution.

No one really wants to think about the Chargers leaving San Diego, but some would say this opinion poll is a cold, hard reality check.

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