New report shows that Breeders Cup brought nearly $97 million to San Diego County

A new study shows that the 2017 Breeders Cup generated $96.8 million in direct and indirect economic benefits for San Diego County. The results are the highest recorded for any prior Breeders’ Cup event and further emphasize Breeders’ Cup as a major economic force with the power to stimulate the Del Mar and San Diego economies through tourism, local investments and activities.

The economic benefits of the Breeders’ Cup quantified in this study include:
• $57.8 million in visitor spending, including accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and more
• $27.2 million in track improvement investments for Del Mar Racetrack, including both labor and material costs
• $1.3 million in staff and sponsor spending, exposing international corporations to local businesses
• $5.3 million secured in state and local tax revenues and $8.9 million secured in federal tax revenues

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