New road construction hitting I-5

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A big maintenance project is about to begin along Interstate-5 Northbound on Monday.

Parts of I-5 Northbound will be closed at night for road work.

The big maintenance projects comes to one of San Diego’s busiest highway because it’s used by so many cars, and Caltrans is getting drivers prepared for slower traffic and lane closures.

Caltrans calls it the Ocean View Rehab Project, but drivers stuck in freeway traffic may describe it a different way.

On Monday, Caltrans will begin work on a 14-mile stretch of I-5 from Oceanside to the San Diego- Orange County line.

The work will replace the battered concrete in the number four lane, which is the slow lane and gets the most wear and tear from heavy trucks and trailers.

At a cost of $43 million, the project is expected to take two years.

During the construction time, only one, at times two lanes, will be open. Caltrans is planning to do most of the work at night after 8 p.m.

The CHP says it will post signs to advice drivers of reduced lanes and travel delays.

While work is scheduled to begin Monday for the Northbound lanes, crews expect to begin work on the Southbound lanes next year.

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