New San Diego Promise program makes courses free at City, Mesa and Miramar community colleges

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Sixty-thousand students return to City, Mesa, and Miramar community colleges last week in San Diego; these schools have been working to make classes even more affordable.

KUSI’s Paul Rudy spoke with Chancellor Carlos Cortez of the San Diego Community College District about the new programs coming to SD schools.

The  recently announced “SD Promise” program would essentially make tuition free for all who qualify for in-state tuition. This is a program unique to the San Diego region.

Additionally, SDCCD worked with Congressman Scott Peters to designate $975,000 to make textbooks free for the district’s 20 most popular courses. Currently, students pay an average of $1,200 annually for textbooks, which is more than full-time tuition. This grant will specifically help students struggling the most to receive a higher education.

In addition, the district is working to build affordable housing near all ten campuses within the next decade.

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