New Study: California is worst state for drivers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It may be no surprise but California is the worst state for drivers.

Personal finance site has ranked the best and worst states for drivers related to cost, safety, and driving quality.

The golden state ranked worst in the nation and it’s not just because of the long wait times.

According to the study, 44 percent of roads in California are in poor condition.

The state also has more thefts as well as higher insurance premiums, repair costs and gas prices than the national averages.

The average commute time in California is nearly half an hour.

Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington round out the worst-ranking states for drivers with an average commute time of up to 28.6 minutes.

The study says the best states for drivers are in the midwest – North Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota and Nebraska.

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