Healthy Living: New study shows most women with early breast cancer don’t need chemo

A major new study shows many breast cancer patients in the early stages of the disease can safely skip chemotherapy.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, says about 70 percent of women with early-stage breast cancer don’t need chemo.

A clinical trial analyzed how well a widely-used genetic test assessed cancer risk.

The test is performed on tumor samples after surgery, to determine if chemo would benefit a patient.

Before the study, many doctors operated under the assumption that a score of 0 to 10 meant a patient could skip chemo, while a score of 26 or higher meant chemo would most likely help.

This study helps clear up the women who score in between – and concludes that, in terms of a cancer recurrence, it makes no difference whether a woman who falls in the 11 to 25 range was given chemo or not.

The results of this study are expected to spare up to 70-thousand patients a year in the u-s the ordeal and expense of undergoing chemo.

KUSI was joined by Medical Oncologist Dr. Richard Schwab of UC San Diego Health with more on the study.

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