The current productivity numbers do not reflect it yet, but could soon impact employment in a multitude of fields. Is your current job, or the career you are currently studying for, going to be around when the new wave of technology hits? You could find yourself being replaced by automation, and that day might be closer than you think.

I want you to think in terms of clerical work and professional services. Technologies like the Web, artificial intelligence, big data, and improved analytics, are all made possible by the ever increasing availability of cheap computing power and storage capacity. Many of the positions and routine tasks a human would fill, are now being automated.

Countless traditional white & blue collar jobs, in locations such as the post office or customer service positions, have disappeared. Think telephone operators, personal secretaries, key punch operators, and file clerks. And in the near future keep in mind jobs like taxi drivers – Uber has made a huge impact on licensed taxi’s, limo or car service drivers might find themselves being replaced by driverless cars, and teachers, along with text books, are being reduced due to online education.

We will always need engineers, information technology, scientists, and researchers. These are all fields that keep this change happening and even allow it to accelerate. But what if you are like me? All the training in the world could not turn me into an engineer or IT person.

The good news is, all of these creative analytical people need folks like me, and maybe you for support and peripheral services. Areas of finance, marketing, sales and yes, even areas of customer service. (Though we have noticed automation has increased in customer service.)

So I ask you, what skill sets are you developing today that may be automated within your work life? The message here is to take some time to stop and do a reality check on your career path, or school major. Make sure you are personally developing and keeping up-to-date with the skills our economy will need in the future, not just for our economy’s immediate needs. The future will be based around the innovative economy, and how to support it.

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