New Uber Passport app offers rides-haring to Mexico

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Uber, the ride-sharing company, launched Uber Passport Thursday, an app that offers the first international cross-border service to Mexico.

Uber chose San Diego to launch this app because we have the world’s busiest border crossing.

The app offers one way fares to four different locations in Mexico and this service will strengthen the connection between San Diego and Baja, California, a region with more than 6 million people.

Crossing the border is a part of our way of life in San Diego. Seventy thousand workers commute daily.

Ryan Graves is Uber’s head of Global Operations.

"This is the first time an Uber trip will cross international borders," he said.

And the app fits well in San Diego’s focus on technology.

"San Diego is not only excited to be an Uber cityn but to be the first cross border Uber city. And I think the launch of this new potion is gonna pay tremendous dividends to San Diegans and our families and for our economy," said Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

The service doesn’t start until Friday, March 18.  Here’s how it works: You open the Uber app and select the passport option in the vehicle menu. Request a ride and bring all required documentation. Then hope in your Uber passport and head to Mexico.

Here’s how the fares breakdown.

  • From North Park to Zona Centro in Tijuana, the fare is $90.
  • From downtown San Diego to Tijuana Airport, it’s $100
  • From Pacific Beach to Rosarito, the fare is $160.

There are one way fares but they can be split between passengers.

This passport app will bring companies, businesses and families closer together in a way that’s never been done before.

Uber operates locally in Tijuana for your return trip and you can request Uber-English to pair up with an English speaking driver. Or you can get to the border, walk across the border and then Uber to your destination.

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