NFL backlash comes from Congress

KUSI News – The backlash against the NFL continued Monday, and it came from the halls of the U.S. Congress. Women in the House and Senate are demanding action.

The female members of Congress are accusing the NFL of glorifying violence, especially after a marketing video promoting former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice aired.

They are also talking about the incident captured on a security camera in a New Jersey casino elevator in which Rice is seen punching his then, fiance.

Led by California Senator Barbara Boxer, the women of Congress wrote a letter to the NFL saying, in part, “We are shocked and disgusted by the images we saw this week of one of your players violently assaulting his now wife and knocking her unconscious, and a the reports the NFL may have received the video months ago”.

“If you violently assault a woman, you shouldn’t get a second chance to play football in the NFL,” they added.

The Congresswoman from Northern California spoke on the House floor too.

To keep this movement in context, it may be important to note this week begins a six-week exodus from Congress.

As many members of Congress begin campaigning for re-election, only time will tell if jumping on the outrage band-wagon is a time-honored political strategy.

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