NFL season opens with full stadiums as fans show pandemic is not a concern

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — When Tom Brady runs out from the tunnel, screaming “Let’s Go!” and leading the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers onto the field against the Dallas Cowboys, a full stadium will greet players for the first time since COVID-19 upended the world and changed the way sports were viewed.

Last week, hundreds of thousands of fans filled college football stadiums, much to the dissatisfaction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, but the visuals showed Americans are ready to put the pandemic behind them and return to normal.

Fast forward a few days, and the defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Dallas Cowboys in front of another sold out crowd.

Many of the NFL teams allowed fans to attend games last season, and saw no significant issues from the decision. Furthermore, the vaccine wasn’t even available at that time.

Americans across the country are making the personal decision to purchase tickets, and attend these games with tens of thousands of other people. They are not worried about what politicians on television are telling them to do.

Many people online say the return of sold out crowds should be celebrated as America is looking to move on, some even pointing to Barack Obama’s massive birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard.


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