No arrests in SDSU burglary and sexual battery case

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego State University was rocked by several sexual assault cases last fall.

One year later, there is a report of a burglary and sexual battery on campus.

It was reported to campus police early Sunday morning.

Fear is not a subject these incoming students signed up to study this year, but there are questions on campus about who’s behind you as you walk into your dorm and who your friends are letting through the door.

It’s Madi Chavez and McKenna Harrington’s first year at SDSU. They were surprised by the notification from public safety this weekend, of a burglary and sexual battery on campus after four people jumped a fence and were invited into a dorm suite. 

It happened early Sunday morning.

Cameras on the elevator captured video of three of the men.

Police said they stole personal belongings from several students and one is accused of sexual battery after forcing a girl’s hand onto his genitals.

Two juveniles and one adult suspect went to SDPD to talk about the case and because it happened on campus, SDSU police are handling the investigation.

No one has been arrested so far.

Students said this is not the first time something like this has happened.

To even get into the dorms, you have to swipe your ID card outside, show your ID to the person as the desk, sign in anyone who is with you, swipe your card to get into an elevator, into the suite and into your room.

Is the lesson just a few weeks into school, don’t trust everyone you meet? Be very careful with strangers? Watch out for your friends? Maybe all of the above.

Now, in regards to the sexual battery, one girl said she and other freshman went through hours of training on consent during orientation. She’s shocked that people don’t know how to act by now.

The four suspects were not SDSU students.

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