No flips, just field goals this time for Chargers kicker Koo

The story of Younghoe Koo starts across an ocean and reaches its peak across and around the world. A winding way toward the American Dream.

"My friends have mentioned that to me," Koo said. ‘I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it."

The opportunity is a chance at a kicking job with the Los Angeles Chargers – and getting a job through the long days of training camp isn’t the impossible task it seems. Nick Novak was released after four years of service for an undrafted rookie – the same one that occupies the space now.

"It’s a competition everyday," Koo said. ‘Whatever I do, the eyes are on you."

Koo would know. Go to his Twitter page and see the pinned tweet. Thousands of eyes have seen him in action…unconventional action.

In a video that must be seen to believed, Koo flicks the football into a perfect spin, runs up, and simultaneously powers the ball through the uprights….while hitting a backflip.

‘I learned it in high school and put it together in college," Koo said. "We had some time in practice, so we were just messing around."

It’s an incredible accomplishment for a kid that didn’t even know what football was as a child growing up in South Korea. After moving to New Jersey, that changed quickly.

"At recess, it was either soccer or two hand touch football," Koo said.

He had been excellent at soccer in Korea, but gave the pointy ball a try. Soon came awards, scholarships, signing, and a chance at the big time.

That’s not something to be flippant about.

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