No on 23 coalition says the prop will endanger the lives of dialysis patients

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Nearly 100 groups joined together in opposition of the controversial Prop 23.

If passed, the proposition could shut down multiple dialysis clinics in California.

Opponents of Prop 23 say it will endanger dialysis patients’ lives, make our doctor shortage worse, increase wait times in already overcrowded hospital ERs and increase health care costs.

No on Prop 23 spokesperson, Kathy Fairbanks, joined KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego to detail why they oppose the prop.

Fairbanks explained that dialysis clinics are heavily regulated by both state and federal regulators, and California dialysis quality care consistently outperforms the national average.

The main provision of Prop 23 requires that a doctor be in a dialysis clinic at all times. Ultimately, this one provision will compromise the safety of dialysis patients in California and put their lives at risk.

The No on Prop 23 coalition gave KUSI the following list of groups that oppose Prop 23:

o California Medical Association
o American Nurses Association\California
o American Academy of Nephrology PAs
o Chronic Disease Coalition
o Renal Support Network
o Dialysis Patient Citizens
o Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations
o Renal Physicians Association
o National Hispanic Medical Association
o California State Conference NAACP
o Latino Diabetes Association
o Minority Health Institute
o Women Voters Alliance
o California Senior Advocates League
o California Taxpayer Protection Committee
o Latin Business Association


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