Nora Vargas elected new Chair of SANDAG, supports Mileage Tax

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – County Supervisor Chair Nora Vargas has been elected Chair of SANDAG.

Her nomination to the position comes as Democrats continue pushing for an unpopular mileage tax to fund the $163 Regional Transportation Plan, aiming to get San Diegans out of their private vehicles and into public transit.

Vargas did not receive the majority of votes from the Board. But due to the weighted vote, she won the position anyway.

Supervisor Vargas is in support of the mileage tax, and with the controversial weighted voting system, San Diegans can expect it to be a reality soon.

Vargas thanked the Board for voting, as she vowed to prioritize equity, and economic prosperity during her time as Chair of SANDAG.

Republican Board Members nominated Democrat Del Mar Mayor Terry Gaasterland and Republican Steve Vaus for the position, but neither received the needed amount of votes, although they both received the majority of votes from the Board.

Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera was then elected Vice Chair of SANDAG, with a minority of votes, but majority of the weighted vote.

Then, Gaasterland was nominated to be Second Vice Chair of SANDAG. She received enough votes with the tally vote, but due to the rigged process, Chair Vargas disregarded those results, and called for use of the weighted vote, which Gaasterland lost.

Democrat Mayor of Solana Beach, Lesa Heebner, was then nominated to be Second Vice Chair of SANDAG. Heebner was elected successfully with a unanimous tally vote, but only ten members were present.

Chair Vargas concluded the meeting with a snide comment saying, “and it was a tally vote.”

Friday’s complete SANDAG meeting can be seen here.

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