North County firefighter tests positive for COVID-19

NORTH COUNTY (KUSI) – A tweet released tonight as a public safety announcement declared that an employee of the North County Fire Protection District had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease that carries the coronavirus.

Because the employee was asymptomatic at work and only came down with symptoms at home, medical regulations considered the individual posed a “very low risk” to the public; yet was quarantined and following guidelines set by medical professionals and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.\

Other employees and patients are being contacted and tested.

The tweet says, “On March 14, North County Fire Protection District was made aware that a firefighter/paramedic employee of the District has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee was asymptomatic while he was at work, but developed a fever at home and was tested for COVID-19. Due to the firefighter/paramedic being asymptomatic while at work, per the Centers for Disease Control, this employee presented as very low risk to any members of the public that he may have interacted with. This employee is currently quarantined at home and all guidelines have been followed per the CDC. We will be contacting every patient this employee has made contact with on his shift as a precaution.”

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