North County Game of the Week: Mission Hills 54, Del Norte 7

Mission Hills showed why they are one of the 4 best teams in San Diego with a 54-7 win over Del Norte in and Avocado East tilt.

Mission hills seemed like they were trying to prove a point. They are better than Division 1 when it comes to the best teams in the San Diego County Section”, and they did that with a 54-7 win over Del Norte in the UC San Diego North County game of the Week.

The 1st drive of the game, Dakota Miller found “Blue Chip” recruit Martrel Holmes for a — touchdown.

2nd drive of the game, a Miller to De Chaun Holiday pass in the flat turned into a clinic on how to block for your receivers. And in the blink of if an eye the Grizzlies had a 14-0 lead.

The highlight of the game came when Miller aired it out, and three Grizzlies were there in the back of the end zone with “sticky hands” Holmes grabbing the score before Holiday and Troy Warner had the chance for an easy score.

Add in an intentional grounding in the end zone by Del Norte QB Parker Lapp and the rout was on, with a 30-0 game after 12 minutes.

And for the Quenton Meeks and Holiday match up…Holiday watched from the bench.

While Meeks never left the field Playing offense and defense, he also returned kicks late in the game.

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