North County residents speak out against ballot Measure B

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In less than a week, the most talked about piece of land in San Diego County will go up for a vote of the people. You may have seen the campaign signs around town. It’s called Measure B.

“I feel like this will ruin our community, if this happens, everything is going to change,” says Ana Rosvall, a real estate agent in the North County.

Rosvall is one of many who are concerned about a big development in their quiet community.

Measure B would allow 2,100 homes on 1,900 acres in the pristine mountains between San Marcos and Vista.

“Ten years of blasting, dynamite blasting for a decade and rock crushing, right across the street from our community,” says retired surgeon Dr. Tony Eason.

According to the group opposed to Measure B, this development would be disruptive to the entire community for a variety of reasons.

“The blasting is one thing, the fire danger is another. The road that leads to their project is already too crowded. If you add 6,000 more people, then people will be in danger,” says Dr. Eason.

That area, by the way, has never burned and it’s considered an extreme fire danger by Cal Fire.

Originally, the 2,100 homes were approved by the County Board of Supervisors. Then The Golden Door Spa nearby put up the money to gather signatures and put this on the ballot. It worked; 117,000 people signed the petition and it’s up for a vote.

Either way, the land could still be developed. If voters reject Measure B, the developer still has the authority to build 99 homes on that same land instead of the 2,100 on the ballot.

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