North County San Diego residents oppose Mega Church complex development in their neighborhood

DEL SUR (KUSI) – San Diego County residents are collecting signatures to stop a megachurch complex from being built in their residential neighborhood.

It’s a controversial proposed development that has been in the works for eight years.

Flyers about the fight are being passed out and a signature drive is going on.

Residents living in 4S Ranch, Del Sur and Santa Fe Valley are upset about the plan to build a mega church complex off of Four Gee Road, an area that is currently zoned for homes.

This is one of the most carefully plan master planned communities in the county,” said Jerry Kent, a concerned resident.

Another concerned resident is Kay Slate. “We knew what the plans were. And, that this was always going to be for residential homes.”

The Proposal includes building a 90,000 square foot church complex to include five buildings. It would operate from 8am to 10pm seven days a week. This land was bought by the Chinese Bible Church of San Diego 8 yrs ago.

The developer showed up at a community meeting this past Sunday.

KUSI News asked him why the church chose this location — a location zoned for residential use. “Because this is the closest to the 4S Ranch Village — the concept that people can walk, ride their bike instead of public transportation.  Rather than be built further away (from members) and cause more traffic and infrastructure” Said Ron Harper, Owner of Harper Communities.

But concerns residents say that’s the opposite of what will happen since most church members do not live in the area.

Ameet bhatia, another concerned resident, made it clear, they have nothing against the church or its members. “This is just the wrong place for it this is a residential not at all, not at all. This is just the wrong place for it.  This is a residential neighborhood. You got kids all over here.  We got three kids who play sports in the field right behind where they’re proposing this. It’s already tough as it is people are already flying by.

“We had to experience it in 2007 when the fire came from the North and the only way we could get out was from Four Gee Road. It was backlog it took us a long time to get out,” said Kay Slate referring to wildfires and other emergency evacuations.

Harper also told KUSI News Sunday that  there was really only one time when there’s a high-capacity, which is Sundays, and perhaps a few other days when there are small bible studies and youth groups.

He  added “ To be compatible with the neighborhood, we’ve done hundreds of reductions over the eight-year process,” said Harper.

Harper Communities did its own environmental impact report. The developer said they and found no negative impact on “traffic, biology, fire protection, roadways and air quality.”

The San Diego Planning Commission, however, did not agree and denied recommending the proposal to the county in November of 2019.

The ultimate decision will be made by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on June 26th.

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