North Park Business Improvement District supports 30th Street bike lane plan

NORTH PARK (KUSI) – Lost in all of the vitriol over the Mayor’s plan to replace parking with protected bike lanes on busy 30th street, an avenue that actually traverses three neighborhoods, including South Park and Normal Heights,  is that there are actually three plans for 30th, one of which allows for bikes AND parking.

It’s plan B. And it’s the one the three business improvement districts for the Mid-City area are supporting.

Angela Landsberg is the Executive Director of North Park Main Street. She told me, “We have to get support behind bike lanes if we want more support for them. And a drastic plan is only going to rail support against bikes, which we are seeing. We want more bike lanes, but let’s be sensitive to how we implement them.”

Landsberg says the businesses and property owners advocating for Plan B have an ally in 3rd District Councilmember Chris Ward.

Scott Kessler is Executive Director of the Adams Avenue Business Association. He told us, “I think, they, the Mayor has pressure to support the climate action plan and he’s using North Park as a test model.”

Landsberg and Kessler say that this week, letters from the three associations are going out to their respective members urging them  to contact the City.

This, as the associations continue to meet with the Mayor’s staff and Chris Ward’s office.

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