North Park Farmers Market reopens for business

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A neighborhood tradition returned to North Park today. Community members eagerly came back for the re-opening of the North Park Farmers Market.

It was not quite business as usual after hitting the pause button for six weeks, the farmers market, held every Thursday, was open again to shoppers on the prowl for fresh fruit and produce and specialty items.

Angela Landsberg is the executive director of the business association called North Park Main Street. After being ordered to close the outdoor market last month, she said it was important to find a way to re-open the market, while also ensuring the safety of shoppers. That means limiting the number of shoppers at one time to no more than 30.

The market is also encouraging people to shop alone, without other family members. Even when people show up in pairs, they have to stay at least six feet apart.

There were no hot foods being prepared at the open market. The food for sale was already packaged and pre-made and there was a “no touch rule” in force, barring shoppers from being able to pick through the produce.

Volunteers were also strolling through the market with six-foot poles to ensure that shoppers were keeping a proper distance.

Although most shoppers were wearing one, masks were not required, at least not on this day. But starting on Friday, May 1, people in public spaces, like the market, will have wear a face covering.

While market days often have a festive feel, Landsberg said people should get their shopping done at the market quickly and then enjoy their produce at home.

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