North Park retailers bring shoppers back with restrictions

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Many retail shops are open for in-store shoppers again after Governor Newsom gave the go-ahead to reopen. Friday was the first day back to business inside the store at Pigment, a retailer that sells home decor and plants.

Like a lot of retailers, Pigment wasn’t fully prepared to allow customers to come back through its doors, when Governor Newsom made the decision to let customers return to San Diego County stores and restaurants.

Pigment manager Ashley McGranahan said the store has had to react quickly, without having much time to take dust off the ceilings and walls. But McGranahan said that’s because their web business has exploded. In the last two months, Pigment has received thousands of online orders for plants. That doesn’t mean that Pigment is only counting on its online commerce.

When customers do return to the store, they will have to observe new rules; the number of people inside the store will be limited to no more than four people and customers will have to wear a face covering.

Some retail stores never closed to in-store customers.

Dexter’s deli, a health food store for dogs and cats, was classified as essential.

Tori Rosay, the owner of the store on 30th avenue has made a few modifications since March, including reducing the store’s hours, refusing to accept cash and limiting the number of shoppers in the store to no more than two.

However, now that other retailers are opening, she said she would be willing to allow a few more people into the store. She’s also hired back some staff.

People aren’t the only ones facing changes because of the pandemic. Some pets may become confused or anxious as their owners head back to work, leaving them alone.

Rosay suggested preparing your dog for that now by leaving the house more often without taking them along. She also recommended products such as a CBD infused peanut butter treat.

“We tell people to use this either straight as a treat or they can put it into a toy and let the dog lick it out. All it does is help relax them and take the edge off,” Rosay said.

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