Norwegian fishermen spot Beluga Whale ‘likely trained by the Russian Navy’

NORWAY (KUSI) – Beluga whales are popular attractions at the aquarium, but could they also be trained spies?

After fishermen in Norway spotted a Beluga Whale off the northern coast of Norway wearing a harness, Marine experts say it’s possible.

The harness appeared to be specifically made and bore mounts for GoPro cameras on each side. The harness clips read, “Equipment St. Petersburg.”

The sight is strange enough, but the mammal’s backstory may be even more peculiar. Some experts speculate the whale was trained by the Russian Navy.

Jorgen Ree Wiig, a marine biologist with Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries, told CNN the Russian Navy has been known to train Belugas to conduct military operations before for things like guarding Naval bases, helping divers, and finding lost equipment.

CNN said they have reached out to Russian authorities for comment, and have gotten no response.

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