Not the Answer! & Breaking the Law!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 – Two weeks ago KUSI's Michael Turko exposed important survey markers being buried in the pavement on city streets. Turko says the county collects money in a special fund to preserve survey markers. Money some say goes into a slush fund. Under state law the county surveyor makes the final determination on how the monument preservation fund is used and they say right now they have more projects than they can pay for. 

    Now a special warning from the City Attorney's office and the Department of Labor. They say as the school year ends scam artists are recruiting kids for illegal summer jobs. Most of those jobs involve selling candy, magazines and other junk door to door. The kids do the dirty work and the con artists who hire them are often breaking the law! If you have any doubts about young kids selling door to door in your neighborhood, she says call the police non-emergency number or the City Attorney's office. They're trying to nail the crooks behind these schemes before any kids get hurt.

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