Not Good Enough! and Full Court Press!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 – Early last month KUSI's Michael Turko opened a file on a local business that was hit hard by the state budget impasse. Turko says the state owed them money, and refused to pay up.  Now that our legislature has finally passed the state budget, you'd think they'd start paying their bill and things would get back to normal. That's partially true, but it not much consolation. Because in this case it's painfully obvious that back to normal is just not good enough!  And…

Better results on another problem I exposed a few weeks back, a young athlete who was being shut out of a basketball clinic after paying in advance, and her mom couldn't get a refund. They say no one told them the clinic was for boys only, so they refused to back down, and gave it a full court press!


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