November election analysis

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Early voting is underway in San Diego County, and residents need to know how to vote, and who to vote for in the coming elections.

There are a lot of important races in next month’s general elections. For example, the national parties that have a TV ad war for the 52nd Congressional District.

And if a Democrat is elected in Council District Six, San Diego will look a lot like Sacramento with a one party rule.

The report focuses on the analysis of Vince Vasquez, a senior researcher at National University’s Think Tank.

Voter turnout is expected to remain historically low, but about 15% higher than the June Primary.

“We’re expecting for there to be even additional voters also that are showing up in this election that did not show up in the past election,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez characterizes them as new or casual voters who are affluent, younger, and concentrated along the coast.

“They don’t spend time thinking about races, they’re spending time researching who the candidates are,” added Vasquez.

They are environmentally conscious which should be a plus for Scott Peters in the 52nd Congressional District. He’s a former environmental attorney.

The challenge for Carl DeMaio is to appeal to new and casual voters, added Vasquez.

In the District 6 Council race, Republican Chris Cate, is positioned to repeat his victory over Carol Kim in the primary.

“He had a large number of votes in the June election, 43- 44% of the vote,” said Vasquez.

Cate has the endorsement of Mitz Lee, a political figure in the district, and there are fewer new and casual voters inland, as opposed to the coastal areas.

“We project that Chris Cate has the edge in the District 6 race, and the reasoning is that he had a large number of votes in this past election,” said Vasquez.

The chance that the City Council could have super-majority if the Democratic candidate wins is not a factor in this council race.

To get elected in the district you have focus on issues important to the district.

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