NSEFU Wildlife Conservation strives to end poaching in Zambia

In Africa, poachers armed with poisons, snares and high-powered weapons kill 100 elephants every day, and one rhino is killed every eight hours.

The non-profit, charitable Nsefu (pronounced Ne-Se’-Fu) Wildlife Conservation Foundation was established in 2015 to stop poaching and to protect wildlife in the game-rich Nsefu sector of Zambia, Africa.

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At the mercy of Asian criminal syndicates, the farmer who cannot eek out a living on unproductive land, and the unemployed laborer who cannot find meaningful work, turn to poaching as a means of survival.

Without immediate intervention, elephants and rhinos will be well on their way to extinction. It will not be a question of IF, it will be a question of WHEN.

The Foundation’s MISSION is two-fold:
1. To preserve and protect the wildlife in Zambia, while developing and supporting community programs which provide economically viable alternatives to poaching.
2. To educate the Nsefu Community, particularly its youth, about the critical importance of environmental and ecological stewardship.


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