NY Post columnist discusses her opinion piece, ‘Trump is a Pit Bull Fighting for America’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – To address the mainstream media’s narrative surrounding the first presidential debate, New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine, wrote an op-ed titled, “Trump is a Pit Bull Fighting for America.”

As you know, the debate was filled with interruptions from all three participants, President Trump, Joe Biden, and moderator Chris Wallace.

The mainstream media and Democrats are blaming President Trump for the the tone set at the first debate, to no surprise.

To refute these talking points, Devine began her article writing, “Quick! Get out the smelling salts for all the faint hearts hyperventilating about President Trump’s “lack of decorum” at Tuesday night’s debate. Did they really expect him to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules?”

She went on to quote reaction from Democrat media members who were critical of Trump’s performance at the debate and proved their bias by pointing out none of them mentioned Biden’s disrespect and lack of “decorum.”

Devine wrote, “the Democratic candidate supposedly running a “decorum” ticket let loose a string of Tourette’s-style schoolyard insults, calling the president a “liar,” “fool,” “clown,” “racist” and “stupid.” “Shut up, man,” said Biden. Trump’s goading succeeded in ripping off Biden’s “nice guy” mask and forcing him to fight in the ­gutter.”

Devine went on to explain that the American people elected Trump in 2016 “because he is a pit bull, a barbarian, a gun-slinger they hired to fight the dirty left, drain the swamp, bring their jobs from China and stand up for the flag, family and common sense.”

Miranda Devine discussed her op-ed in more detail with KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego.


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