NY Post columnist Miranda Devine questions if Biden will stick to promise of unity

NEW YORK (KUSI) – President Joe Biden promised to unify the country during his inauguration speech, and continues to do so.

But, his actions and the actions of most other Democrat politicians seem to go against Biden’s calls for unity.

NY Post columnist Miranda Devine published an op-ed titled, “Biden put on a show of ‘unity’ — will he stick to it?” that outlined the hypocrisy of Biden’s words and his actions.

Devine’s piece began, “Joe Biden’s inauguration speech sounded as if it had been written by a good angel on one shoulder and a bad angel on the other.” Explaining the good angel avoided direct criticism of President Trump, while “the bad angel slipped in hints about the awfulness of the vanquished president, and the message hung heavily over an inauguration ceremony attended by fewer civilians than soldiers.”

Furthermore, Devine explained that the many executive orders President Biden signed on day one go against his words of unity.

Devine wrote, “Canceling Trump and all his works looks like cutting off America’s nose to spite her face. Nowhere is that more evident than in the repudiation of Trump’s border protection measures, which already is setting up a disaster south of the border.”

Devine joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to discuss her op-ed and the first days of President Joe Biden in more detail.

Devine’s complete op-ed can be read here.



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