NY Post columnist Miranda DeVine says the ‘the bully Gov. Cuomo has been exposed’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is apologizing following sexual harassment allegations against him. Three women have now came forward with claims against him.

He said Wednesday he “learned an important lesson” about his own behavior around women, but he said he intended to remain in office. Cuomo said he will “fully cooperate” with the state attorney general’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

Attorney General Letitia James is in the process of selecting an outside law firm to conduct an investigation into the allegations and produce a report that will be made publicly. Cuomo had avoided public appearances for days as some fellow Democrats call for him to resign.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine wrote an article titled, “Finally, the bully Gov. Cuomo has been exposed,” and joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to discuss it.

DeVine wrote, “Already under fire over the nursing-home scandal, Cuomo can add “sexual predator” to the long list of allegations that has both Democrats and Republicans demanding that he resign or be impeached.”

DeVine went on to explain how Cuomo has been covered as a great leader by Democrats and press. “Joe Biden hailed him as the “gold standard” in leadership. Cuomo even won an Emmy for his televised briefings, for God’s sake.”

DeVine’s article slammed Cuomo’s failures as Governor, and explained that Democrats were okay with it because he was against Trump.

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