NYT Bestselling author, Kelly Corrigan in studio

It’s a crazy idea: trying to name the phrases that make love and connection possible. But that’s just what Kelly Corrigan has set out to do in her new book, TELL ME MORE: Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say (Random House Hardcover, On Sale January 9, 2018). In her New York Times bestselling memoirs, Corrigan—”the poet laureate of the ordinary” (Huffington Post)—distilled our core relationships to their essences, showcasing a warm, easy and ever-relatable storytelling style. Now, she’s back with a deeply personal, unfailingly honest, and often hilarious examination of the essential phrases that turn the wheel of life and asks: What are the hardest and most powerful things we say to one another? What words bring you comfort and encouragement? What are the phrases that are essential to adulthood, that make love and connection possible?

TELL ME MORE is a funny, meaningful, and touching exploration of the 12 sentences that life requires as well as an ode to the fact that we are all works-in-progress. With her signature candor and good will, each chapter draws from her sometimes ridiculous, sometimes profound struggles with parenting and marriage, career and friendship, illness, aging and mortality. In “I Don’t Know,” she wrestles to make peace from uncertainty; in “Tell Me More,” she tries to master the art of shutting up and listening; in “I Was Wrong,” she comes clean about her disastrous role in an epic family argument; and in “No,” she admires her mother’s ability to set boundaries and her willingness to be unpopular. Ultimately, TELL ME MORE is an argument for the power of the right words at the right moment to change everything.

In her three previous bestsellers, Kelly Corrigan has won an avid following from readers, critics, and booksellers for her finely wrought and deeply emotional memoirs about the joy and pain of human connection. In The Middle Place, she introduced us to her father — the unforgettable, endlessly optimistic Greenie; in Lift, she explored the often-turbulent air around parenthood; and in Glitter and Glue, she took on the sometimes nourishing, sometimes exasperating, occasionally sublime bond between mothers and daughters.

The San Francisco Chronicle has applauded the “ordinary brilliance of Kelly Corrigan, the irresistible cocktail of lyrical writing and solid, useful insight,” and TELL ME MORE is no exception. With refreshing candor, a deep well of empathy, and her signature desire to understand “the thing behind the thing,” Corrigan swings between meditations on life with her husband and two teenage daughters to profound observations on love and loss.

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